Find Time To Workout Even When You're Super Busy.
If you want to learn hacks to squeeze fitness into your jam-packed schedule.
Today you're going to get 5 little-known time hacks to get that sexy body, sexy again.
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Please help me congratulate these outstanding clients who are chasing down all their fitness goals.

TBP October All-Stars

Harry Bellerby

What happens when you're back is against the wall? When nothing seems to work, you hire Mr. Skinny. Harry has lost over 30 pounds all from his home in Maryland.

Susanne Hynds

The increased focus on nutrition made all the difference in the world. Despite perceived obstacles, Susanne continues to deliver incredible results. 

Connor Perea

School closed. Baseball postponed. Games canceled. These situations can depress anyone, but not Connor. He took the opportunity to up his game, get stronger, get smarter, and get fitter. 

Diana Goltzer

It's easy to make excuses. It's easy to give up. It's easy to say you're too busy. Hard is committing yourself to fitness. Diana has gotten herself in the best-hiking shape ever…during COVID.

Nicole Cannis Collins

Life will hit you in the face. We all get knocked down. What separates us is how we respond. Nicole is using this time to build the best version of herself. And go after her dreams (all of them.)

Eric Etherly

What happens when you don't like what you see in the mirror? You can get depressed. Or you can get mad and take action. Eric took action and is making tremendous gains.

Tazim Rehmat

Dreams only come true when you couple them with hard work. Tazim has recommitted to the proven path. You can work hard at your career, but working on yourself is the best project ever.  

Alex Lopex-Martinez

We show up as professionals. We take care of others. We excel to help others. But always know, to be more productive, more helpful, and more useful you need to build the best version of yourself. Go, Alex go!

My online coaching clients had one primary goal in October: to implement one small habit change. One little habit that we can make easy, obvious, rewarding, and satisfying. 40-50% of our lives depend on our habits. First, we create our habits; then our habits create us. 

What tiny habit can you incorporate into your life?


TBP October New-Stars

Sunny Erickson

Sunny has taken care of everyone in her life. Everyone except herself. After a doctor's scare, the time has come to take care of Sunny. Cheers to your re-birth. 

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