Common Fitness Fails

It’s day one, and you’re ready to start (again.) Before you head to the gym to re-start your program. Make sure you avoid these classic fitness fails.

 1. Don’t exercise too hard.
We’ve all seen that person doing every exercise they’ve ever known. Don’t be that guy.

2. Don’t exercise for more than one hour.
An hour is the maximum time for your first time back. Heck that’s more than some people do in a month.

3. Don’t think you’re going to get in shape today. You’re not. No one has… ever.

4. Don’t set overly aggressive goals. Lose ten pounds in ten days? Doesn’t happen. And your friend that “did,” is probably still fat.

5. Don’t do celebrity workouts. celebrities are people, not fitness experts. some aren’t too bright.

6. Don’t do two-a-days. You know the old adage, “I’ll go double tomorrow.” No you won’t, you barely went single today.

7. Don’t buy new equipment. You won’t use it. Build habits first, and then invest in equipment.

8. Don’t forget your towel. Nobody likes wiping others sweat. Yuck.

9. Don’t stare at people at the gym. It’s creepy. You know who you are.

10. Don’t stop to take the perfect selfie. It’s awkward for everyone.

11. Don’t hog the equipment. It’s not yours, you don’t own it. Sharing is caring.

12. Don’ t starve yourself. Cleanses, ridiculously low calories, and fasting causes havoc.

13. Don’t weigh yourself after every workout. You can’t lose fat after a workout. You can lose water, but that’s not the same. Fat loss takes time.

14. Don’t workout when you’re sore. If it hurts too move, you’re doing it wrong. Rest.

15. Don’t wait. Start now, start small, and start making progress.


Tony Arreola

Best Selling Author, “Get Me Skinny”