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Finally End the Mirror's Evil Stare


How to Superbowl Party Without Packing on Pounds

It’s Super Bowl time! Or what I like to call, “National End Your Diet Day.” Remember the optimism from the New Year, everyone wanted to drop dreaded pounds, improve their lives, fit into smaller clothes, and then the Big Game came… And fitness goals come crashing down. Rats. Whether you want the 49ers or you […]

How to Eliminate Back Pain with Stretching

Did you know most back pain can be eliminated with stretching? Rob walked into the 24 Hour Fitness at the UC Irvine location asking for help. He was in obvious pain. He worked as a programmer at Blizzard. His goals where to get ripped, put on muscle, you know the typical male request. I analyzed […]

The ONLY Way to Get a Flat Belly

It was Christmas 2002. In the middle of the night, I turned on the bathroom lights. Only to be startled by the reflection of the mirror. Yikes, what happened? This must be the exact opposite of a flat belly. Is my stomach hanging over my waistband? I needed to reduce fat, reduce my belly, reduce […]