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Do You Struggle with Weight Loss?

  • Are you tired of not seeing results?
  • Have you tried everything?
  • Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
  • Do you fear the scale?
  • Do you avoid mirrors?
  • Have you lost weight only to gain it back again?

“I honestly thought it wouldn't work. I was wrong!”

“I've always been self-conscience of my weight. I tried many different diets and was never successful. I was concerned that Tony was going to judge me by how I looked. I honestly thought it wouldn’t work. I was wrong! Three years later and 56 pounds lighter, I'm able to do exercises I never thought possible.” -Anna Gallegos Sartoph, Analyst, Verizon Inc.

Live in your dream body or just keep dreaming… You decide.

“Over the five month period I lost 18 pounds, improved my strength and cardio fitness to the best levels of my life. I even improved my golf game! I'm very grateful to Tony.” – Dr. Phillip Quirk, M.D., Kaiser Permanente

Trim Waistline

Shed Nasty Fat

Look Amazing

How I Help You

  • Together we overcome all your personal challenges: work, kids, spouse, busy lifestyle, injuries, or limitations.
  • We'll power your heart with a cardio program you actually enjoy.
  • Employ a strength program to build lean muscle and strong bones.
  • We'll teach you stretches to eliminate joint pain and exercises to strengthen your core.
  • Learn to eat foods you like to lose weight.
  • Get AMAZING results from the comfort of your own home.
  • LIVE real-time feedback to keep on the sexy path to success.

* 1/1 Virtual 50 Minute Sessions

* Track Your Succcess

* Money Back Guarantee

NASM Master Trainer Tony Arreola Certifications

  • Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) Weight Loss Specialist (WLS)
  • Behavior Change Specialist (BCS) Women’s Fitness Specialist (FNS)
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) Sports Fitness Specialist (SFS)

Learn My Proven Live Fit Formula™

Employ My Powerful Big Three Training Circuit™

Master the Autofit Training Model™

What's My Investment?

Tony Arreola


1X Per Week


SAVE $50

NOW $350
  • 4 Sessions
  • ONLY $87.50 Per Session
  • Limited Availability

3X Per Week


SAVE $300

NOW $900
  • 12 Sessions
  • ONLY $75 Per Session
  • Limited Availability

2X Per Week


SAVE $150

NOW $650
  • 8 Sessions
  • ONLY $81.25 Per Session
  • Limited Availability

What Makes Tony So Different?

In a world of fly-by-night trainers. Tony is a seasoned FULL-TIME NASM professional with over 19 years of experience. I'm professional, educated, timely, and reliable. Fitness is my calling.

This is all Ido. In fact, this is the only thing we do.

I only care about your results.

So much so, that I ONLY do month-month agreements. It's called the “We Both Win Agreement.” Every month I promise to help you as much as possible, in turn, you promise to turn in your best effort. If one of us fails, we both fail. And we stop.

We understand weight loss is a long journey. I understand because I've been there. Read Tony's story.