Happy New Year Everyone!


Today is Day 1. The first day of a new beginning. The day that, wait, are you hungover? If you are, it’s probably best you read this tomorrow, or the next day. But for everyone else, welcome to a clean slate. And with every new year comes new goals. Maybe your goal is to quit smoking, earn that promotion, close that big deal, listen to what she says… even if you’re tired… and have work… so she doesn’t get upset and then you can spend the weekend with your friends without any judgement. You know, the normal resolutions we ALL have.


Day 1 for most of us means we begin the road to weight loss. Losing weight can be tough, but thankfully many of us were gifted the tools of success during the holidays: a new gym membership, a yoga mat, some dumbbells, or even a fancy elliptical machine that is currently… still in the box, waiting to be assembled. And while our ambitions are at an all time high, they’ll soon fall if we’re not properly equipped. Not just with tools but the RIGHT tools for success.

Before you start, make sure you know what to do. Take our Fat Loss Quiz to know if, you know the right stuff.


Losing weight is like a marathon. We are all on the start line right now. We know the finish line, but our nerves are on high alert. If we don’t pace ourselves, we will give up and fail. Trust me, I know this all too well. At the start line of every marathon, my training partner Tony and I, always had a plan. I would repeat this plan over and over again.


“Remember Robert, take it easy in the beginning, get a rhythm, and then set your pace. You got this!”


The race starts and the plan goes straight out the window. I dart down the course as if I’m being chased by a pack of wild dogs.  I can’t tell you how many times Tony has caught up to me and reminded me of our trusted plan.

I always let the start line excitement get the best of me. Unfortunately, that’s how most of us are with weight loss. We sprint like a madman, and then must  be pulled back to reality. Our minds know what to do, but once the gun goes off, logic disappears. We’ve all done it. We’ve started 90-day workout programs with a strict diet, only to give up after 7 days, if that. We’ve meal prepped for an entire week, only to throw away most of the food by weeks end. We take off sprinting and forget we still have 26.2 miles to go.


Quick shameless TBP plug. Starting off too fast isn’t the only fitness fail people make during the new year. If you haven’t already, check out TBP’s animated video on fitness fails. It’s hilarious and oh so true! 


But just because we aren’t sprinting doesn’t make it easier. We still need the right tools to get us to the finish line. I’m getting tired of these marathon metaphors, but last one, I promise. The tools below are the ones you need before the race even begins. And without them, you’re setting yourself up for failure. It’s called the MAD PLAN.



These are the three most important tools needed to successfully lose weight. Simple, direct, to the point. But much like that elliptical machine still waiting to be assembled, many of us will leave these tools in our box waiting to be assembled.


Number one is MOTIVATION:

Why the hell are you doing this?

Really ask yourself this question. What’s motivating you? What’s going to make you get up early, or stay up late and put in the work? Don’t give me the BS excuse of: I just want to be healthy? No you don’t. There’s something else driving you. All of our motivations are different. Maybe you want to look sexy in that dress that doesn’t fit. Maybe you’re sick of asking yourself, “Does this make me look fat?”

Maybe you just don’t want to be a 232 pound fatty that is being made fun of because his suit is too tight at the wedding of your close friend who hasn’t seen you in a few years and comments about the fact that you can’t button your suit. Yup, that’s me! Look at those chipmunk cheeks.

Whatever your motivation may be, it must be deep enough to inspire you to not give up. Find your BIGGER BURN.



Nobody can climb Mt. Everest alone. We need Sherpas, a team of other climbers and a crew at base camp telling us about the storms coming ahead. See, I told you no more marathon metaphors Losing weight is the Mt. Everest of FAT. We can’t do it alone! I repeat, we cannot do it alone. Once you have found your MOTIVATION, it is imperative we have a few people who are apart of our Accountability Alliance. These are people who will hold your feet to the fire when times get tough. When you want that pizza slice, who’s going encourage you to make a better choice? When you want to go out for beers, who’s going to remind you about that 232 pound fatty that… You get my point. It can be a friend, a family member, or more importantly, your significant other. If your partner is not on board, your weight loss success diminishes. The reason why TBP clients are successful is because we hold our clients accountable, weigh-ins, measurements, pictures. It allows us to gauge our success in short periods of time, in order to reach our long term goals. Remember, it’s a marathon not a sprint. The stronger your alliance, the higher likelihood of success.


Number 3 is DISCIPLINE:

Making the correct decision, even when you don’t want to. Easy peezy! YEAH Freaking right! We’re bound to slip up. Sunday brunch? Happy hour? We will fail, because if it was easy, everyone would be a Victoria Secret model (My dream, not yours!). We won’t be perfect all the time, but we have to listen to that little voice inside our head. You know the one. That voice that creeps up and says don’t do it when you’re driving home and you’re a little hungry. You have everything you need for a perfectly good sandwich waiting for you, but you inexplicably pull into an In-N-Out drive thru, and order a triple-triple (yes those exists), with animal fries, then pay, while asking for a box with a lid to keep everything warm (I knew it was a problem when the cashier knew me by name). That voice has to be your guiding light. It can be trained to be powerful armed with the right Motivation and supported by strong Accountability Alliance. Your little voice can take over your choices and automate decision making. Discipline is about limiting the decisions taking us away from our goal, and maximizing the decisions moving us towards our goal.


If you’re still reading, first off, thank you. Secondly, your hangover is definitely gone. But more importantly, it means what you’ve read makes at least a little sense. You’ve found your true motivation and have people in mind for your Accountability Alliance. You even promised yourself to try harder to listen to your little voice. What I’m about to ask of you next requires you take a leap of faith with me. And you can’t laugh. Ok, you can laugh but you have to keep an open mind. Deal?


I need you to fill out a workbook. And not just any workbook but the Master Trainer, Tony Arreola’s Secrets of the Skinny workbook.  Go ahead, finish laughing, I’ll wait. Before you brush this off, we’ve used this workbook as homework for our individual personal training clients and it really works. Trust me, when Tony first sent it to me I was a skeptic. But it works because it teaches the secrets you need to master before you even step foot into a gym.


Are you still with me? I told you I needed you to take a leap of faith. If this all sounds silly, it’s probably because you have been taken advantage of in the past. The fitness industry has tricked you into believing you can lose, 10 pounds in 10 days. Juice cleanses that jumpstart your metabolism. Or the top 5 fat burning exercises. As a member of the fitness industry, I’m sorry we lied to you, and this workbook is our mea culpa.


If you have failed to lose weight in the past, it wasn’t because of lack of effort. You were setup for failure because you weren’t equipped with the right tools. Now you have them. Use them and more importantly learn from the mistakes I, and countless other have made to make your weight loss journey as easy as possible. Take that leap of faith. If I can do it, so can you! Cheers to you and your fitness success!


Robert Diaz



Are you ready to get skinny?

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What you don’t know, can hurt you.

Starting a new fitness program can be exciting. But please make sure you avoid these classic rookie mistakes.

1. Don’t exercise too hard.
We’ve all seen that person doing every exercise they’ve ever known. Don’t be that guy.
2. Don’t exercise for more than one hour.
An hour is the maximum time for your first time back. Heck that’s more than some people do in a month.
3. Don’t think you’re going to get in shape today. You’re not. No one has… ever.
4. Don’t set overly aggressive goals. Lose ten pounds in ten days? Doesn’t happen. And your friend that “did,” is probably still fat.
5. Don’t do celebrity workouts. celebrities are people, not fitness experts. some aren’t too bright.
6. Don’t do two-a-days. You know the old adage, “I’ll go double tomorrow.” No you won’t, you barely went single today.
7. Don’t buy new equipment. You won’t use it. Build habits first, and then invest in equipment.
8. Don’t forget your towel. Nobody likes wiping others sweat. Yuck.
9. Don’t stare at people at the gym. It’s creepy. You know who you are.
10. Don’t stop to take the perfect selfie. It’s awkward for everyone.
11. Don’t hog the equipment. It’s not yours, you don’t own it. Sharing is caring.
12. Don’ t starve yourself. Cleanses, ridiculously low calories, and fasting causes havoc.
13. Don’t weigh yourself after every workout. You can’t lose fat after a workout. You can lose water, but that’s not the same. Fat loss takes time.
14. Don’t workout when you’re sore. If it hurts too move, you’re doing it wrong. Rest.
15. Don’t wait. Start now, start small, and start making progress.


Tony Arreola

Best Selling Author, “Get Me Skinny”