Common Fitness Fails

It's day one, and you're ready to start (again.) Before you head to the gym to re-start your program. Make sure you avoid these classic fitness fails.

 1. Don't exercise too hard.

We've all seen that person doing every exercise they've ever known. Don't be that guy.


2. Don't exercise for more than one hour.
An hour is the maximum time for your first time back. Heck that's more than some people do in a month.


3. Don't think you'll get in shape in one day.

You won't. No one has… ever.


4. Don't starve yourself.

Cleanses, juicing, fasting never works. You'll end up hungry, mad, pissed… and still fat.


5. Don't do celebrity workouts.

Celebrities are people, not fitness experts. And some aren't too bright.


6. Don't set crazy goals.

Lose ten pounds in ten days? Doesn't happen. Won't happen. Can't happen. And your friend that “did” is probably still fat.


7. Don't do “two-a-days.”

You won't go double tomorrow. You barely went single today. Fitness Fail.


8. Don't buy new equipment.

You won't use it. Build habits first, and then buy equipment.


9. Don't forget your towel.

Nobody likes wiping others sweat. Nasty.


10. Don't stare at people at the gym.

It's creepy. You know who you are.


11. Don't stop to take the perfect selfie.

Please don't… It's awkward for everyone.


12. Don't hog the equipment.

The equipment isn't not yours, you don't own it. Sharing is caring.


13. Don't weigh yourself after every workout.

You can't lose fat after a workout. You can lose water, but that's not the same. Fat loss takes time.


14. Don't workout when you're sore.

If it hurts too move, you're doing it wrong. Rest.


15. Don't wait.

Start now, start small, and start making progress.


These classic fitness fails can ruin your 1st, 2nd or 23th “Day One.” With a little common sense and patience, you can beat the fitness fails and succeed in fitness.



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Tony Arreola

Best Selling Author, “Get Me Skinny”

“Hay mijo, you have to relax, it’s Christmas.”

My mom looked at me with a sly grin.  Mind you, I offered to buy my Mom a new car when she reaches her fitness goals (*offer not valid for everyone*)

Her goal was to lose 30 pounds. She’s lost 10 so far, but when the Holiday season comes, the Holiday pounds come along also and she runs out of steam.



How can we avoid the Holiday pounds?

I don’t know about you, but I hate throwing away my results. And I’m sure my mom hates wasting another year taking the bus. Okay, I don’t make her take the bus, Uber works well.

When it comes to Winter, our bodies default to our cold, harsh, winter caveman days. This was a time, when we as a human species needed to hunker down, needed to eat as much as possible (when food was available) to survive. Without this mentality, I would not be typing this blog. We would not have survived the first harsh winter.

Great for survival, bad for our bellies.

It’s been a while since I hunted for a meal. Sometimes, I can just send a text to my girlfriend or push a button for Postmates to get fed.

But, the primal instinct remains inside of us. It requires effort to get outside when it’s cold. Big effort is needed to stop eating. Winter effort is harder than in the spring.

Through extensive trials with our clients we’ve found 6 proven ways to fight those fattening Holiday pounds.



How many times have you been satisfied at a meal? Let me guess, always. When you're full, take a deep breath, smile and stop eating.

Pro Tip: Tip: Ask yourself, “Am I still hungry, bored, or just eating to eat.”


Contrary to popular belief, the stomach isn't an endless garbage disposal. It's an organ with a fixed size. When you fill it with water, you'll eat less. This is a good thing, for you and your waistline. Drink as much water as you can.

Pro Tip: Urine color is a great indicator of proper hydration. “Clear pee means a healthy me.”



Don't arrive “starving” to a special event. If you have nothing in your system, you're much more likely to overeat. Overeating leads directly to extra Holiday poundage.

Pro Tip: Eat a light snack, like an apple or an orange 15-30 minutes prior.



Did you know when you eat alone, you're less likely to overeat?  Add one person, you eat up to 35% more. If the group exceeds 7, you'll eat 96% more. This is an alarming stat, perfect for the Holidays. Be aware, and always be mindful.

Pro Tip: Farmers feed chickens together to create this overeating herd affect.  Don’t let the environment trick you into overeating.



Watch out for high-caloric foods. High calorie foods like guacamole, cheeses can wreak havoc on your goals. Imagine shopping on Rodeo Drive with a limited budget. You would check every price tag before you buy. Same for food. Check the calories of any new foods. Better safe than sad.

Pro Tip: Use our favorite calorie app My Fitness Pal, to find caloric landmines BEFORE you blow up (literally.)



You know exactly who I'm talking about. Your Tia with the tamales. Uncle Juan's can't miss casserole. Eggnog downing cousin Fidel. Stay away, learn to say no, or if they get really annoying, resort to name calling. Totally kidding about the last one, kinda.

Pro Tip: When facing food pressure, look them in the eye and say, “No thanks, I'm stuffed.”

We’ve shared these tips with our clients to help them avoid those dreaded Holiday pounds. Our clients all experienced a happy and healthy Holiday Season. Remember the goal is to celebrate life, to enjoy each other. And like I told my Mom, both our lives are better  when she’s healthy.


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Remember nutrition is only one side of the equation.

If you want to eat more, you need to move more.

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Tony Arreola

NASM Master Trainer CPT, WLS, CES, SFS, WFS, BCS

Best Selling Author, Get Me Skinny.